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Can I sue the NHS for Medical Negligence?

The simple answer to the question above is “Yes.” But whenever someone tends to ask “Can I sue the NHS,” we always advise caution, qualification and discretion. Because at The Medical Negligence Experts, there’s a bigger question that comes with that line of questioning… Do you have a winnable case if you sue the NHS […]

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Medical Negligence Claim: A Guide

What is a medical negligence claim? Firstly, a medical professional is negligent in the standard of care they provide. In turn, it causes a serious reduction in your quality of life. Additionally, it can mean that your career path has been altered in a negative manner. Therefore, you may want to pursue a medical negligence […]

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How to Claim Compensation From the NHS

In recent days, there have been several stories in the news connected to alleged substandard care in NHS maternity units around the country. The Department for Health and Social Care published a report this week stating that women in labour are being denied epidurals following an investigation by The Sunday Telegraph which we highlighted in […]

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