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What Falls Under Cosmetic Negligence?

As the popularity of cosmetic treatments rises throughout the UK, the risk for cosmetic negligence, and cosmetic surgery compensation, unfortunately, does too. As with all medical negligence claims, knowing what qualifies as negligence is half the battle. Only then can you assess whether you are able to make a successful claim. The problem with cosmetic […]

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What is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

What Is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

When people ask us “What is cosmetic surgery negligence”, we find it necessary to describe cosmetic surgery first. With that in mind, cosmetic surgery is soaring in popularity in the last decade. In short, an increasing number of people turning to medical professionals to achieve a more desirable body or face. You might get cosmetic […]

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Cosmetic Surgery

Understanding Cosmetic Surgery Negligence

What is the key to understanding cosmetic surgery negligence? Cosmetic surgery can seem like the answer you were looking for to handle parts of your features that you do not like or wish to be changed. It can be anything from something as small as a mole removal to something as significant as plastic surgery. […]

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