When people ask us “What is cosmetic surgery negligence”, we find it necessary to describe cosmetic surgery first.

With that in mind, cosmetic surgery is soaring in popularity in the last decade. In short, an increasing number of people turning to medical professionals to achieve a more desirable body or face. You might get cosmetic surgery to:

  • feel better about your appearance;
  • alleviate discomfort after an accident or trauma, or;
  • indeed just to feel a little younger.

Regardless, your risk of negligence during surgery needs to some significant consideration.

Negligence in a surgical procedure is something no one wants to consider could happen to them. Yet preparation and learning the symptoms that could occur is necessary. You’ll be able to act quickly, avoid further medical complications, as well as get the justice you so deserve.

Understanding the definition: “What is cosmetic surgery negligence?”

The more general term of medical negligence is a phrase you will have doubtlessly heard on multiple times. However, you may not necessarily know what it means in real terms.

Medical negligence refers to any mistake that could have been avoided and could potentially cause you harm. You can apply it to any procedure during which a medical professional fails to deliver. Ultimately, there’s a level of care and precaution you would expect from them, including cosmetic surgery.

What things could lead to cosmetic surgery claims?

It’s important to remember that cosmetic surgery negligence doesn’t just occur in the operating room itself. In reality, it can also take place in both the preliminary meetings and the aftercare treatment.

Medical negligence can occur before your procedure. For instance, you might discover at a later date that they didn’t reveal all the relevant medical advice/information before surgery. Another example is if they do not tell you about each of the possible side effects.

Accordingly, this would be a case of negligence. In effect, it means that you agree to the procedure without all the information you need.

In terms of a medical negligence definition, once the procedure has occurred, it can refer to the aftercare you have received. Then, if the hospital or professionals in your recovery period don’t offer you appropriate care, claim hospital negligence, too.

Finally, the most common way cosmetic surgery negligence is when surgeons use a sub-standard product as the implant. A damaged or defective implant of less than medical quality can send alarm bells ringing. This is one of the reasons why you should always thoroughly research your medical practitioner before taking anything further.

It’s also important to research the potential signs of a defective implant. That way, you can catch any of the side effects as soon as possible.

What is possible for claims involving cosmetic procedures

Claims for negligent cosmetic surgery procedures are possible, provided you make them within the three-year time limit. Therefore, a claim can help you to get the maximum compensation you deserve may be worth pursuing.

First and foremost, be aware of what you can pursue and what the definition of cosmetic surgery negligence truly is. Once you’re familiar with this, you can see the signs for yourself and seek justice if necessary. These medical accidents demand the assistance of law firms featuring specialist cosmetic surgery solicitors.

Some facts about cosmetic surgery negligence claims in the UK

  • It’s estimated that £300 million is being spent annually on cosmetic surgical treatments in the UK.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, no win no fee agreements have not been a particular boon to claiming compensation culture.

Former president of the Association for Personal Injury Lawyers Martin Bare affirmed this in 2008. “There is no gravy train. The perception arises because people don’t think that for the cases that you win, there’s another that you lose: for which you get nothing.”

  • Moreover, between 2001 and 2008, the number of claims filed actually fell slightly. In essence, no win no fee basis claims attempt to make cosmetic surgeons accountable for their mistakes.
  • Liposuction or tummy tuck procedures tend to be among the more rising popular cosmetic treatments. This procedure, in fact, rose 9% in popularity, above breast reduction (6% rise) and lifts (7%).
  • Dermal fillers increasingly gain interest amongst those hoping to reduce the effects of ageing. Experts say the loss of collagen is annually around 2% beginning at a certain age. That said, the scientific studies doesn’t state for sure what age.

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