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    To begin with, why the need for Group B streptococcus claims in the UK? Let’s start with the basic information about what it is and what we can do for compensation purposes when it occurs.

    In short, Group B Streptococcus is also Group B Strep or GBS. Moreover, it’s a common bacterial infection that can affect both adults and newborn babies. Normally, medical professionals deem the condition to be harmless for healthy adults. However, for newborns, it can cause Group B Strep disease which is far more serious.

    Likewise, the condition itself is not the result of any particular form of medical negligence. However, if a pregnant mother doesn’t receive testing for GBS in the final trimester, it can unknowingly move on to the child. It’s imperative that early diagnosis occurs to treat the condition so that the baby can make a healthy recovery.

    Substandard care or treatment can lead to further complications. Moreover, they can increase the risk of Group B Strep causing long term life-changing effects.

    What are the risks of Group B Streptococcus?

    There are also various risks and tell-tale birth injuries signs that your newborn suffers from Group B Strep disease. Accordingly, these occasions demand full recognition by a health professional. Early symptoms include:

    • Fever;
    • Difficulty feeding;
    • Lethargy.

    Other symptoms include (usually associated with late-onset strep):

    • Difficulty breathing;
    • Irritability.

    In fact, there’s a small risk (around 6% chance) that newborn babies can die from a GBS infection. It’s also possible that an infant with GBS can face a long term disability such as:

    • Cerebral Palsy;
    • Blindness;
    • Learning difficulties.

    This is, in short, just a non-exhaustive list of long term conditions surrounding Group B Strep support. In essence, there are many other specific conditions GBS associate with. To date, however, medical experts are not indicating any need for a COVID-19 update to the symptoms based on the pandemic.

    How Group B streptococcus (GBS) negligence occurs

    No one is perfect and this includes medical professionals, in fact. However, there is a certain level of care that you and your baby should receive in the first place. Particularly if there is any indication you carry Group B Strep or your baby displays signs of early-onset GBS disease. If you carry strep then you should be offered antibiotics during your pregnancy and birth to reduce the risk of your baby getting the infection.

    If a medical professional fails to spot symptoms in your child that leads to long term effects then it is likely that there has been a case of medical negligence however you are best seeking legal advice to clarify your situation.

    Group B Streptococcus claims

    Claiming Compensation for Group B Streptococcus

    Speak to The Medical Negligence Experts today to find out more about claiming compensation for Group B Strep. TMNE can assist even if you are unsure whether you have grounds to make GBS claims.

    In short, the law firms we work with assist those who’ve been let down by their medical team. Accordingly, they offer free, confidential advice to help you decide if and how to proceed with an application for compensation.

    Similarly, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation service and access to our nationwide expert solicitors. The solicitors we work with reduce your financial risk of making a claim with a No Win No Fee* agreement.

    The claims process is the same whether you experienced negligence under the care of an NHS or private practitioner. The only difference with the NHS is that they have an internal department for handling compensation and medicine claims.

    Altogether, be sure to contact The Medical Negligence Experts today as soon as you’re ready. Find out immediately how we can help you obtain maximum compensation for Group B streptococcus claims. Just search for our contact form and set up a discussion with our medical negligence claims specialist team.

    Factoring in Time Limits

    Because so much time passes, you might think that a claim has no chance of success. But that’s simply not the case, as certain claims are claims dealing with time beyond the initial exposure. At TMNE, we work with leading medical negligence solicitors with experience in obtaining compensation.

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