A Break Down Of A No Win No Fee Claim

Choosing to make a claim against the NHS or hospital you have received care at can be complicated, and you may have the added pressure of stress concerning money. When deciding what course of legal action is right for you, you should consider the different options that could benefit you. No Win No Fee medical solicitors could potentially help to spare you financial difficulty and stress, and this guide will dissect what Medical Negligence No Win No Fee claims are and how they work.

What is a No Win No Fee Claim?

If you are worried about finding free or affordable legal advice, a medical negligence No Win No Fee claim is an arrangement with the solicitor that you employ. This arrangement states that you will not have to pay upfront legal fees, and you will not have to pay these costs at all if you lose your case. It means that you will not be left financially unstable by taking the risk of making a claim. However, these are subject to a solicitor agreeing to take your case before the No Win No Fee claim can be made.

How do Medical Negligence Solicitors No Win No Fee work?

If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay costs to either your medical solicitor or your opponent. Most solicitors will also take out an insurance policy for you that can cover the costs in the event of your loss. You will only have to pay the legal fees to your solicitor if your bid is successful and you win the case. However, in these cases, your opponent will usually cover the costs of your legal fees, and any not paid by your opponent will come from the compensation that you will receive.

After hiring medical lawyers No Win No Fee, most will hold a consultation or meeting to discuss your case, and give you advice on your next steps, ensuring that your case is strong enough to withstand the court. Then, subject to your solicitor agreeing to take on the case, your No Win No Fee agreement can be finalised. All you will have to do from this point onwards is to comply with the agreement’s conditions to secure the claim and ensure that you or your finances are not put at risk.

How can No Win No Fee Claims benefit you?

No Win No Fee Claims can benefit you by ensuring that you do not take any risk by filing a claim. Instead, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will not have to pay any legal or solicitor costs if your claim is unsuccessful. This is better than taking out a loan as you will not have to repay the money that you have taken out and can stabilise your finances much quicker in these circumstances. It will also, in turn, reduce your stress levels and ensure that your medical negligence solicitors are working as hard as possible to ensure that your case is successful.

Hiring solicitors that have a medical negligence No Win No Fee policy is the best option for most medical negligence cases. This is because they are widely available to everyone and ensure that you can make your claim without the concerns of financial stability adding to the stress of making the original claim.