A 27 year-old woman died after suffering a cancer misdiagnosis during lockdown. She was misdiagnosed with sciatica by her doctor, after being unable to see a specialist in person due to lockdown. She was eventually diagnosed with Epitheliod sarcoma, an aggressive form of soft tissue cancer, and she died after the treatment was delayed.

This is unfortunately not the only instance of cancer negligence that we have seen since the start of the pandemic. We have also recently reported on delays and mistreatment of other types of cancer during lockdown, including breast, bowel and lung cancer. There are many types of cancer negligence that we have encountered since the start of the pandemic. The two biggest types of cancer negligence that continue to happen are misdiagnosis and delays in diagnosis and treatment.

Cancer Misdiagnosis

A delay in diagnosis can be catastrophic for cancer. It can affect the stage the cancer is at, whether it has grown or spread, and it can also affect the treatment and prognosis for some people. Early diagnosis of any cancer is key to treating it. If the delay is due to human error, then that is even worse. It could be that the doctor misdiagnosed you with something else or ignored red flags and symptoms. This could lead to problems with the cancer diagnosis, and may unfortunately mean that the cancer has spread or grown. If this has happened to you, then you may be able to claim.

It is important that there is an early diagnosis of any cancer, as it is easier to treat, and ultimately, cure. It is also important that the diagnosis is accurate, as a misdiagnosis can be life changing. If the NICE guidelines are not followed then this can indicate a breach of duty on the part of the medical professional.

Delays in Cancer Treatment

Another aspect of medical negligence that we deal with here at The Medical Negligence Experts is delays in treatment. A treatment delay in cancer can sometimes be as bad or worse than a delay in diagnosis. If there is a delay in treatment, it can allow cancer to grow or spread. This can also lead to a worse prognosis. There are some reasons that cancer treatment may be delayed that are not negligent, but if the cancer worsens due to the delay, and it was an avoidable delay, then you may be able to claim.

Other examples of cancer negligence may include:

  • Not requesting scans or other tests when symptoms indicate cancer could be present
  • Misinterpreting scans, smears, or different test results
  • Losing test results and delaying obtaining new samples
  • Incorrect or inappropriate treatment, including issues with chemotherapy and other medication
  • prescribing or dispensing medication incorrectly
  • not informing a patient about types of treatment available

How We Can Help

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