There are many types of negligence that can occur during birth and pregnancy. One of the more serious types of birth and pregnancy negligence that we get enquiries about is preventable baby fatalities.

A report by the BBC states that there is an inquest due to begin later in 2021 into preventable baby deaths in Shropshire after there was found to be a disconnect between ward and board. The report states that staff from 126 NHS trusts and 44 maternity wards will be trained in a £500,000 programme designed to combat this disconnect.

The Ockenden Report had its early findings last year, but the full report was delayed due to its expanded scope. The report is led by Donna Ockenden, and is looking into Shrewsbury and Telford hospital trust after there were over 1862 cases of preventable infant deaths. There was also mistreatment of mothers and their babies for over two decades.

Alongside the training, the trust is developing a new core curriculum for all staff working in maternity and neonatal wards.

Birth Negligence Claims

Sadly, this example is not the only case of birth negligence that we help with. Birth negligence can happen to either the baby or the mother. It can occur when medical experts either fail to follow the correct procedures or they carry them out in a substandard manner.

Some examples of birth negligence claims we deal with include:

  • Injuries to a mother due to third and fourth-degree perineal tears, and incorrect episiotomies;
  • Mismanaged pre-eclampsia;
  • Damage to organs (e.g.: the bladder) during a Caesarean;
  • Cerebral palsy caused by limiting a baby’s oxygen supply;
  • Brain damage or even brain injury to the baby;
  • Failing to identify, or delayed intervention, when mother or baby is in distress;
  • Errors with intervention, such as incorrect use of forceps, and;
  • Fracturing a baby’s bones, or causing hip dysplasia.

Making A Birth Injury Negligence Claim

The first step towards making a birth injury negligence claim starts with talking to The Medical Negligence Experts. We can assist in obtaining compensation to care for your child. For instance, this might mean long term care assistance such as mobility equipment, specialist physio or speech therapy, or any other support your child needs to reach their full potential.

There is no cost or commitment to make an initial enquiry. Therefore, with all types of birth injury and expert legal advice, contact The Medical Negligence Experts today.

How Can We Help

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