Heart patients in north Wales are taking part in a trial of a new app that uses their mobile phones to monitor their heart. The trial aims to see if the software can help those with cardiac problems in their own homes. This app aims to reduce hospital negligence and waiting lists.

As part of the trial the patients have equipment to take readings, including a blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, and weighing scales. They will also be able to have video consultations, which means they can avoid unnecessary hospital visits. The trial, funded by the Welsh government, could mean problems with patients’ health are picked up more quickly.

It may also help to cut waiting lists, as cardiology specialists will be able to remotely monitor each patient’s symptoms and progress, and conduct video consultations to address any concerns. If needed, hospital visits can be arranged for further treatment and consultation.

Helen Northmore, head of digital and artificial intelligence at Life Sciences Hub Wales, said the app was an example of how technology will play an increasingly important role in patient care.

“The traditional pathway is for cardiac patients to regularly attend a hospital appointment and have these readings taken,” she said.

“This application will free up clinicians’ time so they can be there for patients who need them more urgently, and it also saves the patient from having to travel and wait at the hospital to be seen.”

hospital negligence and waiting lists

Hospital Negligence and Waiting Lists

This app may be revolutionary in tackling hospital waiting times, which can also help with hospital negligence. Whilst waiting lists are not necessarily hospital negligence, if a person is on a waiting list and their condition gets worse, then they may be able to claim for medical negligence. This is especially true if their condition would not have worsened if they were not on a waiting list.

The biggest cause of medical negligence and waiting lists is delays in treatment. With online consultations, Doctors could misunderstand symptoms, or not pick them up. This could lead to delays in treatment, or patients not having treatment at all.

Delays in treatment can have a huge impact on patients, especially in terms of heart problems. They can make the conditions worse or can even make them untreatable. In the worst cases, delays in treatment can prove fatal.

There may also be issues with misdiagnosis with the app, as if these consultations are mainly taking place online, there could be a rise in misdiagnosis. This is because there is only so much that a Doctor can see online. But if no follow-up appointments are made, for example, then the correct diagnosis could be delayed further.

Other issues could include prescription errors and delays in medication.

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