Today (1st December) marks World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day was founded in 1988 and was the world’s first global health day. It focuses on helping raise money for people living with HIV and AIDS globally. Medical negligence is brought to the forefront even more on days such as World AIDS Day, and if you have suffered because of medical negligence, we may be able to help you make a claim.

World AIDS Day and Medical Negligence

Whilst here at The Medical Negligence Experts we do not deal specifically with HIV/AIDS, sometimes those who are living with either condition can experience the same negligence that we hear about so often. Therefore, there are several parallels we can make to the services we offer.

Delays in Treatment

One of the major aspects of medical negligence we deal with is delays in treatment. This can happen with any illness or disease, and sometimes it is no one’s fault. However, in cases where there is fault, for example due to a GP or Pharmacy error, then it may be something that you may be able to claim for.

Diagnosis Delays and Misdiagnosis

Delays in diagnosis and misdiagnosis are two of the main claim types for medical negligence we deal with on a daily basis. These delays can have a devastating effect on those suffering and their loved ones. In some cases, it may mean that their prognosis is worse due to the delay.

Medication Errors

Errors in medication is another claim type that we deal with. This is especially true if the medication error has caused conditions to get worse, stay the same, or new conditions to develop. These errors can also have an impact on what they are designed to treat.

Hospital and Surgical Negligence

Negligence whilst in hospital or surgery is often something we are asked about. Whilst there are many complications with surgery, if something has gone terribly wrong, then you may be able to claim. For example, if there was a mistake during surgery that has led to a life changing injury.

World AIDS Day and the Importance of Research

As with every disease, World AIDS Day’s goal is to eradicate the disease. Also similarly to other diseases, they plan on doing this with research. This research is important in finding treatments for all diseases and is important in all cases to help stop people from getting these diseases.

Claiming for Medical Negligence

We understand that if you have suffered medical negligence, then claiming may not be the first thing on your mind. This is especially true if you have had to change your life drastically due to the negligence. You may have had to make alterations to your home or car, or you or a loved one may have had to give up work. Medical negligence errors can have life-changing effects, and the solicitors we work with help to relieve the financial worries that can come with these mistakes.

How We Can Help

Here at The Medical Negligence Experts, we work with solicitors who have years of experience dealing with all manner of medical negligence claims. This includes misdiagnosis, delays in diagnosis or treatment, hospital negligence and medication errors. Contact us today by filling in our contact form, or by calling us on 01614138761 to speak to one of our friendly knowledgeable advisors.