Suffering through an injury is painful enough, but this can be worsened when the accident wasn’t your fault. The experience can be traumatic, and leave you with not only a physical injury, but a psychological one, too. It’s important to know your options if you have suffered through an injury and are looking to make a claim, whether that injury be short-lived or a long-term, life-altering issue. Seeking the advice of The Medical Negligence Experts for injury compensation claims is invaluable when it comes to your options and how to move forward, seeking the compensation you deserve.

The Types of Injury Claims

Injuries come in many forms, and in the case of medical negligence, they can be very varied and also extremely serious. The following are examples of injuries which you can claim for.

  • Hospital negligence. This includes injury gained as a result of neglectful accident and emergency care, any medical neglect during treatment and injury caused by misdiagnosis.
  • Surgery negligence. This includes brain injury, nerve injury, and any damage sustained due to negligence during a surgical procedure.
  • Birth negligence. This includes injury to the mother, the baby, or both during a birth procedure, as a result of medical professionals failing in their duties.
  • Cosmetic surgery negligence. This includes any injury sustained during a cosmetic procedure, such as a nose job or gastric band.
  • Eye negligence. This includes injury sustained either during laser eye surgery or optician appointments.

This list is not exhaustive, but it does outline the main injuries which can occur through a variety of negligence.

How to Make an Injury Claim

If you believe you have been subjected to an injury which wasn’t your fault and was the direct result of medical negligence, then it is encouraged to begin a claim. To do this, it is important to speak with professional advisors who can best counsel you whether your circumstances are eligible for a claim. The team at The Medical Negligence Experts are available 24/7 to give you an instant answer on whether a claim can be made. They can also offer advice on your current injury circumstances.  

What is the Procedure During an Injury Claim?

After making initial contact with an advisor, and when they have confirmed that you are, in fact, eligible for a claim, the next step is for the team to assign you a solicitor who will discuss all information with you, including details of the negligence and injury. The next step will be the solicitor making contact with the relevant party to inform them of the motion to make a claim, and thus fighting for a win of a compensation amount owed to you.

It’s important to note that a claim may not always result in a win. If this is the case, The Medical Negligence Experts have a No Win No Fee policy, which means you will not be charged if you do not win a compensation amount.

For further information on making an injury claim, contact the professional team at The Medical Negligence Experts.