This week (21-27 June) is Lung Conditions Awareness Week, held by the British Lung Foundation. According to the British Lung Foundation, 10,000 people are diagnosed with a lung disease every week. There are many different lung conditions that we need to be aware of, and also many forms of lung conditions negligence that we also need to be aware of.

There are many lung conditions that Lung Condition Awareness Week helps raise awareness of. Some of these include:

  • Asbestos-related conditions
  • Asthma
  • COPD
  • Lung cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Tuberculosis
  • Children’s lung conditions

COVID-19 and Long COVID are also included this year. The causes of all of these conditions can be vast, and the treatments and diagnosis can vary too.

lung conditions negligence

Lung Conditions Negligence

Two of the main causes of lung conditions negligence that we deal with here at The Medical Negligence Experts are delays or misdiagnosis, and treatment delays.

Delays or misdiagnosis are bad enough with any condition, but with lung conditions, it can have devastating effects. They can cause the condition to worsen and may even mean the condition becomes incurable. Delays can happen due to doctors not recognising red flags of lung conditions, lack of referrals, misinterpreted scan, or test results.

Misdiagnosis can be equally as bad for lung conditions, as a misdiagnosis can lead to someone having incorrect treatment. This can also make lung conditions worse, and can mean someone has had medication for no reason or medication that they did not need.

There are many types of negligence that can occur in the treatment of lung conditions. There can be a delay in treatment due to lost scans, there can be an issue with test results, meaning you need more treatment than you should have needed, and more. These delays can have a massive impact on patients; it can make their conditions worse and may even make them untreatable.

Children’s Lung Conditions Negligence

If your child is having difficulty breathing, it can be very worrying. Different breathing and lung conditions often have similar symptoms. That is why it’s important to see a health professional to discover what is causing your child’s breathing problems. If your child is having breathing problems and a Doctor fails to spot these symptoms or refer them for tests, then you may be able to claim for medical negligence on behalf of your child.

If a child has experienced lung conditions negligence, then a parent or guardian may be able to make a claim on their behalf. The compensation will then be held in a trust until the child’s 18th birthday. In medical negligence cases, there is usually a three-year time limit to make a claim. However, in cases involving children, this is slightly different. A parent or guardian can make a claim on behalf of a child up until they are 18. The child then has three years to claim for themselves. The date of limitation is when the child turns 21.

How We Can Help

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