Hospital mix-up leads to dental disaster

A young mother who went into hospital to have a tooth extracted thanked a solicitor specialising in dental negligence claims for helping her to resolve her case against Whipps Cross University Hospital.

Katie Cross experienced painful and swollen gums, which should have been remedied by a simple tooth extraction. Unfortunately, due to a terrible mix-up which she was not told of, the wrong tooth was removed and Katie was left with permanent damage. With no control over her lower lip and numbness in her chin, Katie now drools and dribbles without realising, particularly when she eats. After a year of enduring the humiliating side effects of her surgery and with no signs of improvement or apology from the hospital, Katie sought professional help from a specialist solicitor.

The solicitor’s team looked at Katie’s history and found that removing the tooth was the worst thing which could have been done, as it was almost certainly going to result in nerve damage from which there was no chance of recovery. Katie was devastated to find out that there was no chance of a recovery, and even more concerned that the expert dentists at the hospital did not seem aware that the risk of nerve damage was so high.

Despite paying Katie £15,000 in compensation as part of an out of court settlement, the NHS trust which runs Whipps Cross Hospital did not admit liability. Katie describes her injuries as “soul destroying”, and with no solution available, she has “no choice but to live with it” for the rest of her days.

Katie’s solicitor said that the permanent damage which she was now forced to endure would have been avoidable if dentists had given his client a little bit more attention as well as the correct treatment to solve all her dental difficulties.