Contraception negligence has recently been recognised as a form of medical negligence and compensation claims in the area is increasing. Procedures such as coil implants are prominent on the list of problems that are causing contraception negligence claims to rise. Here at The Medical Negligence Experts, we have detailed knowledge of what to do in these types of cases. Read on if you are concerned that you have been affected by contraception procedure mishaps.

How can contraception go wrong?

There are many routine contraceptive procedures carried out by your GP and at hospitals which can potentially lead to a contraception negligence claim.

The biggest procedure that has caused cases of negligence include the contraceptive coil implant, which can lead to perforations of the uterus and blood vessels in the area. Not only that, but an incorrectly fitted coil can also cause pregnancy and there have even been instances whereby another coil has been implanted when another has already been previously fitted in the body.

Sterilisation of the female body can also cause issues that lead to claims. If this procedure is performed incorrectly in some instances, such as the fallopian tubes not being blocked right or the tubes being reconnected, this can lead to pregnancy.

However, contraceptive issues are not only a concern for women. In vasectomies, for example, there have been instances where ligaments are cut instead of the correct parts of the vas deferens tubes. There are also instances where the tubes have been wrongly reconnected. This can mean that a man can still make a woman pregnant.

Why is contraception negligence increasing?

Contraception negligence is a relatively new form of medical negligence in that it began to be recognised as a sub-section of medical negligence. In addition, cases are steadily increasing, both due to the larger proportion of the population going through contraceptive surgeries, and more complex procedures becoming more popular, such as coil fittings. The Medical Defence Union has since created complex reports on the amount of contraception negligence where it was discovered that women were receiving up to $100,000 for their cases, and that most of them were due to uterine perforations.

What should you do if you are a victim of contraception negligence?

If you have been a victim of contraception negligence, or if you have given birth to a child conceived from wrongful birth (when a child is born out of contraception negligence), you are entitled to make a claim against the provider of the healthcare that you received. In most cases, this would be the NHS, who are responsible for cases of contraception negligence when using their services.

To make a claim against the NHS, you should go through the NHS complaints procedure. However, if this does not bring you the resolution that you are looking for, it is important that you speak to The Medical Negligence Experts who can give you guidance on the next steps. They can also advise on the compensation that you may be able to claim for your case and represent you in court, if need be.