Can I Claim Compensation for Loss of Medical Records?

Though it might sound hard to believe, medical records are lost almost on a daily basis. From miscommunication between companies (which resulted in hundreds of thousands of records to be stored in a warehouse instead of delivered to their respective destinations) to hackers, to even just forgetfulness. Your medical records could be accidentally deleted, stolen, or misplaced, and this is a form of medical negligence.

As a result, you can go into surgery with a doctor who is not entirely up to date with your records. You can be misdiagnosed because your doctor doesn’t have your family history. You could miss prescriptions or get double doses.

It could be fatal.

The consequences can be disastrous.

Your whole life can be turned upside down, and that is why you can claim NHS compensation.


How Can a Hospital or Doctor Lose Your Records?

There are a variety of ways that a hospital or doctor could lose your record. From a thief that steals a medical professional’s personal laptop, to a mistake in delivery, to forgetfulness, to hacking, and even because data was not correctly disposed of.

Sensitive data loss happens, but it is not your fault, and if this loss of data causes you injury or pain then you deserve medical negligence compensation.


What are the Dangers of Medical Record Loss?

The reason why medical record loss is so dangerous is because it inhibits your doctor’s ability to fully diagnose you, treat you, and so on. Keeping records confidential and protected is just one of the areas of care that they need to be careful with. It is not on you to keep track of your medical history. After all, how many people remember the last time they received a vaccination boost? How many keep track till their next pap smear?

This information needs to be available to your doctor for good reason, and having it go missing entirely, or parts of it go missing can be dangerous for your health. It could mean your surgeon doesn’t know about an old injury you suffered that will cause complications in the surgery room. It could mean that your doctor issues a medication that has already been proven to be ineffective, but because it’s under a different brand name you don’t notice.

There are so many issues that can occur that would result in patient harm. That is why if you have been a victim to negligence that was born of medical record loss, you deserve compensation to cover the damages caused by the medical negligence. It wasn’t your fault they lost your files. It isn’t your fault if your files were stolen. It is their responsibility to inform you and to try to fill those gaps as soon as possible.

On the other hand, stolen medical records could be a personal danger to you. They are confidential for a reason, and could be disastrous if sold or made public.


Can You Claim Compensation?

You can claim compensation for medical data loss with the help of medical negligence solicitors. This is known as medical data breach compensation. To help you through the process, all you need to do is get in contact with us today.