Blackpool hospital may be at risk of negligence, according to a recent report. The trust that runs Blackpool Victoria Hospital has been told it needs to improve its patient safety, and improve its staffing levels, according to the Care Quality Commission. The CQC paid the hospital a surprise unannounced visit during the second wave of the pandemic in January. They stated that changes were needed across urgent and emergency care, medical care services and the stroke unit.

The inspection was in response to concerns from staff and patients. It has told Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to look at “patient flow” so services could be accessed “in a prompt and timely way”. The trust must also ensure there are enough qualified medical staff on shift.

Blackpool Hospital negligence

Hospital Negligence

The high standard of service hospitals provide is what their patients need to recover from their illness or injury. Nevertheless, there are times when even people or processes can let patients down; mistakes happen, and injuries occur. Furthermore, no hospital employee is exempt from the breach of duty.

At The Medical Negligence Experts, we tap into a network of malpractice lawyers who know hospital and medical negligence. You’ll have representation from a personal injury lawyer who appreciates what you have gone through. Moreover, they’ll also appreciate what you are possibly still enduring as a result. Above all, they recognise the effect that this injury resulted in a change to your life and your family.

Common types of hospital negligence that can lead to injury and hospital compensation claims include:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Mistakes during operations
  • Failure to obtain consent before carrying out procedures
  • Medication errors
  • Lost medical records
  • Accident and emergency negligence
  • Stroke negligence
  • Treatment negligence

If any of these types of hospital negligence happen, they can have devastating effects. This can impact people’s lives and can sometimes prove fatal. So if you experience hospital negligence then you may be able to make a claim.

For the case of the Blackpool Hospital Trust and the potential negligence, these mistakes can also lead to visits from the CQC and even worse measures being taken.

Hospital Negligence Claim vs Hospital Negligence Complaint

There may be some instances where you can make a complaint to the NHS before making a claim. It is not necessary to go through the NHS’ formal complaints system before you put forward hospital negligence claims. However, it may be beneficial if you do as their investigation will give a good understanding of whether your injury was due to negligence and you are therefore eligible to claim compensation.

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