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Medical Negligence Solicitors in Coventry

Talk to us when you need medical negligence solicitors in Coventry. The Medical Negligence Experts work with leading lawyers who specialise in medical negligence claims and who have a strong track record in obtaining maximum compensation for their clients.

We are fortunate to have such an excellent public healthcare service in the UK, but even the best physician can make mistakes. If you have been hurt by your care provider, then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

We appreciate that in most instances of negligence the injury was entirely unintentional. It could have been caused by inadequate staffing, lack of training, or poorly maintained equipment. The point is that you were not responsible so why should you suffer in silence? Compensation is not about punishing the person who made a mistake. Rather, it is to give you access to the best rehabilitative support so that you can recover and move on.

What is Medical Negligence?

The most simple explanation of medical negligence is when someone fails in their duty and delivers an unacceptable standard of care. Regarding claiming compensation, this negligence needs to have directly caused you an injury or exacerbated a pre-existing condition.

Both cause and damage need to be present for you to have legal grounds to apply for compensation.

For example, you have a family history of breast cancer, and you feel a lump in your breast. You see your GP who examines you but determines the tissue feels healthy and does not refer you to a specialist for further examination. Your symptoms worsen, and two months later you visit the same practice where another GP immediately refers you to your local hospital for tests which diagnose a cancerous lump.

Your initial GP may have acted negligently by refusing to refer you when another professional would have, given your symptoms and family history but if it has not caused your illness to advance to a point where more invasive treatment is necessary or where it harms your life expectancy, then you are not able to claim compensation as there is no damage. If, however, your cancer is aggressive and the two-month delay in diagnosis has resulted in you requiring a mastectomy and reconstruction instead of a lumpectomy, then you may have grounds to request (and receive) payment in recognition of these damages.

To discuss your situation and find out whether you may be eligible to claim compensation, call The Medical Negligence Experts today or fill in our online form and we will call you back.

Common Types of Medical Negligence

Our medical negligence solicitors in Coventry handle all types of compensation claims, including those for elective surgery and treatment you have paid for privately. Depending on where you went, we may also be able to help if you received an injury from negligent care you suffered while seeking treatment abroad.

Medical negligence claims we handle include:

You should be able to trust that, whether you receive treatment under the NHS or pay for it privately, you will be not be injured because the person responsible for your health and well-being makes an avoidable mistake, is lazy, or simply doesn’t have the resources or training they need to do their job properly.

Claiming Compensation for Medical Negligence in Coventry 

Proving medical negligence can be extremely challenging which is why it is so important to work with a specialist medical negligence solicitor who has knowledge of this complex area of law. You should choose a lawyer who not only understands the legislation around your claim but who will handle your request with respect and sensitivity to your circumstances, treating you as a person who has suffered rather than just a “case”.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Coventry have vast experience of successfully claiming compensation for clients. We know the ways insurance companies try to wriggle out of paying victims the compensation they deserve, and we have a solid track record of obtaining positive outcomes.

If you suspect your injury or ill-health is the result of medical negligence then talk to The Medical Negligence Experts today. You have three years from the date you were injured or the time you found out your injury was caused by negligence to submit your claim to court. As litigation is a last resort action and something we try to avoid for our clients where possible, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity, so you do not waste any time.

The statutory time limit does not apply to children, who have until their 21st birthday to submit their claim, or to those who are deemed legally unable to act for themselves due to mental illness. Apart from these exceptions, it is very rare that any claims are accepted after the three-year cut-off point, which means that a delay may prevent you from receiving the payment you rightfully deserve.

No Win No Fee* Medical Negligence Claims

We believe everyone who needs it should be able to access expert legal support and representation, which is why we offer No Win No Fee* Medical Negligence Claims in Coventry. Your lawyer will go through all your funding options and, if they believe your claim is likely to be successful, they will offer you a Conditional Fee Agreement, more frequently referred to as a No Win No Fee* contract.

No Win No Fee* claims work together with a particular type of insurance called an After the Event policy. This insurance is arranged before your claim starts but, unlike your home or car insurance where you pay premiums whether or not you make a claim, you only have to pay a premium if you use the policy.

If you win your claim:

  • We will ask your opponent to pay all your legal expenses
  • You will pay us a success fee, which is agreed at the start of your application and can be no more than 25% of the total amount of the damages you are awarded.

If your claim is not successful:

  • Your lawyer will waive their legal fees
  • Your opponent may ask you to pay their legal expenses, which will be covered by an insurance policy.

As well as minimising the financial risk of starting an insurance claim with no guarantee of success, No Win No Fee* agreements give you the added reassurance that your lawyer will do everything in their power to ensure you are awarded maximum compensation not only for your benefit but because their payment depends on it too.

Medical Negligence Claim FAQs

It’s okay to have a lot of questions when you are at the initial stages of claiming compensation, or even if you are only just considering your options. We have answered all of the most frequently asked questions we receive but if you want more information or would like to talk to an expert about your particular circumstances then get in touch, and we will be happy to give you a free, no-obligation consultation.

Am I entitled to ask for compensation?

If you have been hurt as the result of an avoidable mistake made during your care, then you may be eligible to claim compensation. There is also the statutory three-year time limit to consider as most applications need to be made during this period.

How can I prove negligence?

Proving that negligence, rather than an unavoidable situation or simply bad luck, caused your injury is difficult, which is why it vital to the success of your claim that you work with a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence claims.

The main way negligence is proven is by comparing the care you received to that provided by similar professionals doing the same job. Most types of treatment come with some degree of risk, but it is how that risk is identified and managed that is the key to determining whether your care was negligent. Your opponent’s lawyer will seek to prove that your doctor acted in the same way that any other doctor would have done. Our job is to build a secure case that shows this was not so and that, had you been treated by another doctor or in another hospital, that you are unlikely to have suffered the injury.

How long will my claim take?

Most medical negligence claims take around 12-18 months from when you decide to proceed to when you receive the money in your bank account. If your injury has long-term effects which are not yet understood – such as the extent and impact of brain damage in a child with cerebral palsy caused by a birth injury – your claim could take years to finalise.

In these instances, as long as the other party admits responsibility, then we can request an interim compensation payment to address your immediate and short-term financial needs.

How much compensation will I receive?

Although there’s no way to be accurate in the early stages of your claim, your solicitor will be able to give you a good indication of what is a fair and reasonable amount of compensation to expect.

“General damages” is the term used to describe compensation made in recognition of your pain and suffering. The more serious your injury and the worse the impact it has on your life, the more money you can expect to receive. An injury from which you can recover from with no lingering consequences will not receive an amount as high as one which results in the amputation of a limb, for example.

The phrase “special damages” describes compensation paid to cover the financial cost of your injury. It can include expenses such as private medical treatment you have sought to avoid NHS waiting lists so you can recover, the expense of nursing or home help needed because your injury prevents you from being independent, income lost while your injury has left you unable to work, and travel expenses to your doctor or hospital appointments.

Special damages can also take projected expenses and financial loss into account. For example, if a patient is left immobile and will need assistance for the rest of their life, or if an injury forces you into early retirement and this will affect the amount of pension you will receive.

Compensation is not a random figure plucked from the air; it is carefully calculated to ensure your injury does not damage you financially as well as physically.

Can I claim compensation for someone else in Coventry?

The Medical Negligence Experts regularly support “litigation friends” – people who raise compensation claims on behalf of someone who is unable to do so for themselves, either because they are underage or because they are mentally incapacitated. You can also arrange a for a solicitor to act as a litigation friend if you want to help your loved one but are unsuitable or unable to carry out the responsibility the role entails.

Claims made on behalf of another are processed in the same way as a standard compensation claim for medical negligence. The only difference is that the case will definitely be heard in court as a judge needs to approve the amount of money awarded and ensure compensation is managed corrrectly.

Will I have to go to court?

Though possible, it is highly unlikely your claim will go to a court. We will work to avoid this as we know the process can delay the resolution of a claim by a year or more, and that the delay can be stressful for clients.

While we will always seek to settle your claim out of court, there may be occasions where this is not possible. If the other party refuses to accept responsibility or offer a fair compensation amount, we may recommend you submit your claim to a court for a judge to assess and make a final decision.

You should never accept an offer of compensation without first seeking legal advice, especially if the offer was unsolicited. Acceptance of compensation is final and means you can’t seek further payment if you find out at a later date that you were entitled to more money.

The best way to protect your rights and obtain the maximum compensation to which you may be entitled is to contact The Medical Negligence Experts today. We are here to help with advice, guidance and legal representation to give your claim every chance of success.

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Need some help?

Am I eligible?

If you have suffered from medical negligence in the past 3 years, the short answer is yes.

However, medical negligence can be complicated, so we recommend that you speak with one of our expert solicitors - It’s Free.

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How much could I claim?

As every medical case is different, the amount of compensation paid out can differ. Varying factors lead to the final figure include: Level of negligence, earnings missed out on, future losses and more.

Our experienced team of experts will give you an indication of how much you could potentially claim.

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How does the process work?

We understand that when making a claim it’s important to know what to expect and when to expect it. That’s why we make the process as transparent as possible.

Your solicitor will gather all the evidence and will notify the negligent party of your claim against them. With your dedicated solicitor negotiating on your behalf, you will be kept up to date every step of the way.

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We specialise in helping victims of medical negligence claim the compensation they deserve.

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