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Common Medical Negligence Claim Types

Medical negligence claim types come in many different forms. From misdiagnoses to surgery negligence to even neglect and abuse. Medical negligence can be experienced in the hospital, at a GP’s office, or right at home at the hands of a caregiver.

The results, however, are relatively the same – an injury for you due to the negligence of a healthcare professional. Claiming the compensation, you are owed to cover damages, loss of income and repayments for alternative forms of medical care is something you need to fight for, but not all claims are the same.

Whether you are considering suing the NHS or making an injuries claim, knowing the right type of claim and how much you could receive in compensation will help you make the right decisions for yourself. Never be scared to claim the compensation that you owe, either. NHS negligence is serious, and you deserve compensation to help you live your life after it has been affected due to a medical practitioner’s negligence.

The variance of Medical Negligence Claim Types

Negligence claims vary depending on who you receive the healthcare from and what negligence has caused you pain or injury. Hospital negligence claims, for example, are not always the same as NHS negligence. Care home claims are different than doctor negligence cases, and so on.

Knowing examples of medical negligence claim types help you understand:

  • what your next steps are;
  • how much compensation you can claim, and;
  • how long you have after the incident in question to make your claim.

Using our No Win No Fee services, we can help you based on your individual case to get the compensation that you need based on your specific circumstances. Contact us as soon as you are ready to claim the compensation you are owed.